Welcome to the Center for Object Relations

Center for Object Relations – Northwest Family Development Center was founded in 1994. As a training center for psychoanalytic psychotherapy, our mission is to increase the knowledge and application of British Object Relations theory, integrating this with current developments in psychoanalytic thinking and parent–infant study and research.

We are dedicated to providing quality continuing education and training to psychotherapists and anyone interested in British Object Relations, and welcome you to attend our training programs in adult and child psychotherapy, as well as our community education seminars and professional events.

It is very important to be aware that you may never be satisfied with your analytic career if you feel that you are restricted to what is narrowly called a ‘scientific’ approach. You will have to be able to have a chance of feeling that the interpretation you give is a beautiful one, or that you get a beautiful response from the patient. This aesthetic element of beauty makes a very difficult situation tolerable.

— Wilfred Bion, A Seminar Held in Paris

Psychoanalytic Courses

Year-long Courses in British Object Relations Theory
We offer three primary year-long courses ranging from Foundations in British Object Relations, Middle School theorists, and Advanced Clinical Consultations


Didactic Seminars and Events

Weekend Seminars to Short (Month-long) Elective Courses
We offer shorter length classes and events to engage various topics in British Object Relations Theory.  We also offer Saturday Dialogues, a monthly 2 hour session of a presenter and discussant, engaging clinical material.


Webinars and Teleconferences

Year-long to shorter length webinars with a variety of special presenters
We offer various year-long and shorter webinars on topics specific to British Object Relations, with participants from all over the globe. You can participate in engaging presenters, working with clinical material wherever you reside.


Infant Observation

A year-long intensive course in the Tavistock Model of Infant Observation
In what has been called “the most meaningful course I’ve taken in my career as a therapist”, infant observation involves sitting and observing an infant from birth to 1 year, watching the development of the mind.


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Membership in COR offers many opportunities, including becoming a part of a growing community of mental health clinicians, students, and individuals who are just interested in British Object Relations and Psychoanalysis.  Member benefits include:

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By donating to COR Northwest Family Development Center you will be supporting an organization dedicated to providing the community with the highest level of service and ongoing education in Object Relations-based psychoanalytic psychotherapy
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The Technology Initiative

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Office Redesign Initiative

We are just beginning an initiative to redecorate and improve the functionality of the COR office.  Your donations are going to help improving the space of COR as a containing, comfortable, and supportive environment for learning at our COR home. GOAL $2000

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